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I have a few cameras that record at a higher FPS because they record a higher profile area. I had some really odd videos until I realized I got it backwards. Cat would suddenly appear jumping away from the bathroom sink.

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I was using this to monitor my basement bathroom since I had a cat that decided to use the sink as a urinal. That wouldn't have been so bad but there are 4 cats to choose from, and the sink was sitting on the floor not yet attached to plumbing. I don't see any real settings to change the resolution.

They are Ubiquiti AirVision Camera's. Mike, have you ever tried Milestone? We were using the pay version at my last job for cameras that monitored ports.

Coast Guard needed remote access, etc I haven't tried Milestone. I had a ton of issues with their previous version of software and I tried iSpy, Zoneminder, Blue Iris, and one other.

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Blue Iris worked best for me until Trendnet put out their latest version of SecurView. It works pretty great for me, but it is only for Trendnet cameras. It doesn't appear that Milestone supports Ubiquiti cameras. Ubiquiti was nowhere to be found.

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Perhaps I missed something? See the jpeg quality in settings and the options under recording profile when editing the camera it allows you to set the recording profile to web or mobile content or. No idea why it was slow on your LAN - it's ridiculously fast on mine.

Maybe an IP address resolution issue with your network. It maybe ok if you have only 1 or 2 cameras. That way robots could pick them up and call them. I love your website and it's detailed enough. How can I get a sponsored post for my new website on on your website.

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The settings for Android Phone cameras are built right into our open source surveillance software iSpy and our Windows Service based platform, Agent - click . iSpyConnect provides a mobile and tablet friendly interface for the popular open source surveillance software iSpy. Monitor and control your.

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Infinitely smart Directly install applications or move content to memory card. The iSpy is a good solution for those who want to try a Free surveillance software. Mobotix is a long-standing manufacturer that is known for their high-quality products. All functionality, features, specifications, GUI and other product information provided in this web page including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation. Highly recommended. Record Mode turns any spare iOS device into a tiny solid state, battery backed, network video recorder to record your cameras 24x7 with search, playback, and export capabilities. Nathanael M.

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